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How will the economy change your spending habits this year?

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Are your advertising and PR campaigns generationally-resonant?
Are your marketing dollars optimized against Boomers? 
Do positioning/content/ language/ images/music appeal to the target audience? 
Does your media mix reach the right age cohort?
Does the creative work ring true for key generational touchpoints?

Boomer BoxscoresT.M. can help you answer these questions for virtually any type of communications or marketing program.

What do the Honda Element and Vespa Scooter have in common? Both targeted Millennials and ended up attracting Boomers, overspending in the process with misdirected media choices, key messages and visual images. Boomer Boxscores™ from Age Lessons use generational benchmark testing to fast track creative onto the right track, boosting impact and efficiency.

Make sure your communications sync up with the Boomer generation by embedding cultural cues, selecting resonant visuals, deploying language and selecting media that make a meaningful connection. Boomer Boxscores™ from Age Lessons evaluate products, packaging, social media and communication campaigns from a generational perspective.


How Boomer Boxscores™ Work
Age Lessons adapted the principles of anthropology, psychology and sociology to create a 100 point scale that serves as your boxscore.  The nearer a program approaches 100 points, the more precisely targeted, and effective, it will be. Qualitative values are quantified using Likert scaling and Delphi techniques to develop generationally-informed assessments along dozens of critical dimensions. Boomer Boxscores distill individual characteristic results into an overall boxscore ranking that lets you know where you stand with Boomers—on target or off base.



You know who your creative is supposed to target, but does it deliver? What if you could broaden the appeal of campaigns without diluting the relevance to your primary audience, boosting incremental sales in the process? Make sure you connect with key Boomer influencers and gatekeepers. Maximize the value of your marketing spend while precision-tuning creative treatments with Boomer Boxscores.

Boomer Boxscores help you zero-in on the target audience you want to reach, and accurately tap into their generational gestalt.

For more information on Boomer Boxscores and an example of reporting, click here. At Age Lessons, we’ve got your number.


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